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Ikea Spare Parts

MissingScrew.co.uk was set up to help people who have lost or broken those hard to find parts for their flatpack furniture. In most cases, leading flatpack furniture retailers provide you with just the right amount of screws, nuts and bolts – no more and, certainly, no less. But, here at MissingScrew.co.uk, we stock spares for all major branded flatpack furniture, including Ikea replacement parts.

Whether you’re screwing the doors onto your new wardrobe, assembling shelves for your office or building a bookcase, having a few Ikea spare parts handy will save you the hassle of rooting around in the box to find the exact piece you need. Although Ikea replacement parts are great to have readily available when constructing flatpack furniture, they also come in useful for repairing or refreshing furniture, i.e. fitting new runners to drawers or replacing a wobbly table leg. Our collection of Ikea spares consists of everything from dowels to barrel nuts, screws, bolts and shelf supports. We even provide an assortment of Allen keys which, let’s face it, are a staple in any DIYers toolbox and can be used for ready-to-assemble furniture and more!
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And, if you have any questions about the Ikea spare parts we stock or are unsure which fittings you need, you’re welcome to get in touch at any time. Just give us a call on 0151 675 0800 or send an email to contactus@missingscrew.co.uk

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